BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher with 3 (60 Day) Filters Included, Award Winning Austrian Quality, Technology For Superior Filtration & Taste

Price: $29.99


  • Why are BWT Water Filter Products considered outstanding by its users? – The unique patented BWT Magnesium technology not only reduces chlorine, heavy metals and scale forming substances, but also mineralizes the water with valuable Magnesium; making it taste natural, balanced, fresh and ranking highest in consumer taste tests around the world.
  • Technology & Design With stunning Awards – Red Dot Design Winner | Home & Trend Award : Innovation of the Year & Golden Award Best of the Best | EESC European Award Best Product of the Year | Winner of Plus X Award, Winner of the German Design award.
  • Supports intake of Magnesium in your diet – Mg2+ has become one of the most crucial minerals lacking in our diet. It is estimated that 70% of US adults are Mg2+ deficient causing a multitude of illnesses. In addition, Mg+ is a natural mineral and flavor carrier, which enhances the aroma and taste of tea and coffee and provides a much better “crema” on your coffee.
  • Unsurpassed Filtration – Faster No pre-soaking required to activate filter. Safer: Contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and prolonged filter life unlike Brita and others. Stability: Designed to deliver stable performance over the life of the filter. The filter ingredients won’t get packed down at the bottom and reduce filtration efficiancy.
  • Filters and Pitchers are NSF /Ansi 42 and 53 certified. Offered at a Limited Promotional Price. Supplies are Limited at This Price!